GM Remy Presas 

Modern Arnis

GM Bobby Taboada

Balintawak Arnis

Datu Shishir Inocalla 

Arnis Maharlika

GM Bram Frank

CSSDSC Combat Arnis

This page is dedicated to the masters of the art of Arnis

to whom I have had the honor to have worked with and

proud to be instructors with Grandmaster Bram Frank

 (CSSD Combat Arnis) and Datu Shishir Inocalla (Arnis Maharlika)

The FMA arts have beauty that stands out with the gracefulness and flow that will enhance each individuals attributes.  The study of these arts have indeed added many aspects to my art of Shaolin Ryu Shina Nippon JuJutsu. I truly respect my teachers for sharing this knowledge with me so I may in turn share the FMA arts to future students

Soke John Stover