Through Kempo-Karate training, you and your child will develop enhanced motor skills, hand-eye coordination,
mental focus, and self confidence.  In addition to Kempo-Karate practice, we have talks on character development (manners, attitude, good habits, and self control), and personal safety

"Exercise is great for everyone young and old"

Supervised Sparring

Safety is a priority at Stover's Karate Tai Chi Center

"Class talks on manners, respect, safety, teamwork"

Stover’s Martial Arts Academy

Class Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday

Private and Group Classes

Tai Chi - 6:00p - 7:00p - Tues

Arnis - TBA Thurs 6:15p-7:00p

Kempo-jitsu - 7:00p-7:45p

Tues & Thurs

Black Belt Class


Tues & Thurs

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4837 Carolina Beach Rd.

Suite 111

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