Grandmaster Stover

thanks you for taking the first step in developing a positive attitude through experiencing the martial arts.

Stover’s Martial Arts serving the Wilmington Area for 40 Years


Respect and Safety for you is #1 at Stover’s Academy

Grandmaster Stover

Soke-Shodai SKKFI-IWSS

You will develop a winning attitude so you can walk tall and be proud of your accomplishments.

Stover’s Martial Arts Academy

will help you reach your goals in karate and in daily life.

Tai Chi Chuan is a very graceful moving meditation which

will allow you to feel the energy flowing in your body and also will help you regain strength as you get older. Tai Chi

will help you learn to balance mind, body, and spirit.

Stover’s Martial Arts Academy

offers Tai Chi in the Yang Style System

Su Lum Fa system of kung fu as taught by Grandmaster Stover is based on the five animals. Leopard - Tiger - Crane - Snake - Dragon.


Stover’s Martial Arts Academy

You will experience the power flow of Chinese Kung Fu.

GM Stover teaching Arnis at a seminar in Germany. Arnis will

develop your speed and strength. This art is very beautiful with its

grace in movement and the practical aspects of self-defense.

Stover’s Martial Arts Academy

offers you classes in Balintawak and Arnis Marharlika


The art of Jujitsu is a very practical art for self-defense. You will be able to use the other persons energy against themselves.

Jujitsu can be performed by young and old.

Stover’s Martial Arts Academy

offers you Shaolin Ryu Jujitsu - Seishin Ryu - Kempo-Jitsu